North York Moors Tourist Information Guide 

 North Yorkshire Moors National Park!

The North York Moors National Park has a magic all of its own. Red grouse fly over the heather moors, streams wind along the secluded dales and waves crash against the rugged cliffs of the North Yorkshire coast.

"A sense of space and solitude marks the North York Moors, where ridge upon ridge of heather moorland roll into the purple distance."

Historic remains remind us of people who lived on the North York Moors long before us and wild animals and plants show that we share this special area with other living creatures. Today, the North York Moors is a National Park, an area that we must conserve for future generations to enjoy.

Unlike National Parks in many countries of the world, Britain's National Parks are living, working landscapes. They are not owned by the nation but by the people who live and work in them. They are dynamic, they are unique, and they are to enjoy...whoever you are and wherever you live.

Discover the four market towns of Helmsley, Kirbymoorside, Malton and Pickering which are steeped in tradition and have remained unspoiled through generations. The villages of the moors are like stepping back in time with their beautiful architecture and warm hospitality.


What make this a special place?
We don't have the highest mountains, we don't have the largest lakes. What we have is a stunning landscape, one which will simply make you stand and stare.

The North York Moors is a very special place. The great variety of landscapes within a small area is what truly makes it unique and gives it a character which so many people can enjoy.

This is a land where dreams are made. Here you can experience the vast open space of moorland, listen to the call of the upland birds, walk for miles and miles or sit and watch the world go by.

You can wander through woods, saunter through picturesque villages of honey sandstone, throw pebbles in a stream or build sandcastles on the beach. All around are the signs of past generations, historic abbeys, embattled castles, churches, crosses, ancient routes. The local culture and traditions here are strong. You can listen, you can watch and you are welcome to join in.

Our Jurassic geology is perhaps second to none. Here the Father of English Geology made his discoveries and at the coast you can see dinosaur footprints and search for fossils as he may have done.

But the reason why the North York Moors is so very special is probaby summed up best by Aelred, Abbot of Rievaulx Abbey (1142-1167):

"Everywhere peace, everywhere serenity, and a marvellous freedom from the tumult of the world."