North York Moors Weather & Climate 

 North Yorkshire Moors National Park Weather & Climate

As part of the United Kingdom, the North York Moors area generally has cool summers and relatively mild winters. However over recent years this has become much more irregular with scorching hot summers such as that of 2003 and 2005 to summers of constant rain as was seen in 2007. Winters have also become even milder with very few days of serious snowfall and temperatures in early 2008 reaching as high as 17.C

Weather conditions vary from day to day as well as from season to season. The latitude of the area means that it is influenced by predominantly westerly winds with depressions and their associated fronts, bringing with them unsettled and windy weather, particularly in winter. Between depressions there are often small mobile anticyclones that bring periods of fair weather. In summer time the anticyclones can settle foe weeks at a time bringing glorious hot sunshine. In winter anticyclones bring cold dry weather.



Despite the irregularity of the English weather as long as you come prepared you will always manage to enjoy the outdoors as this changeability means it is never raining for too long!

Average recordings are:

• 130 wet days
• 215 dry days
• 20 snow fall days
• rainfall of 1000mm to 1520mm near the coast
• rainfall of 635mm to 760mm inland
• summer temperatures of 20°C to 32°C
• winter temperatures of -1°C to 10°c